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A Math framework for computation in JavaScript

Tons of functions

TheoremJS is packed up with tons of useful mathematical functions. It is composed of functions in most mathematical fields such as algebra, number theory, statistics, etc... It was designed to fit your need, whatever you are trying to do.


With TheoremJS, you won't feel the need of running the code on a server, you can run it right on the browser, or on a NodeJS notebook (Jupyter like). Even though we loose performances with BigNumber, our algorithm are well engineered and ensure decent performances on every devices.


You can use TheoremJS for every projects, ranging from doing your math homework to launch a rocket into deep space. (Ok, maybe if you're planning to launch a rocket into space, you might want to use other tools in addition to TheoremJS)

Written in JavaScript ❤️

JavaScript is an easy to use scripting language that is perfect for mathematical computation: it's fast and it has a lot of built-in functions. TheoremJS was built on top BigNumber to ensure that all the math is done with precision.


Does it fix the floating point precision bug in JS?

Yes. We use the BigNumber library to fix that.

Can I graph some cool stuff with it? A bit like using matplotlib in Python?

Yes, but you won't be able to do it only with TheoremJS. I've built a small library for this, it's called Descartes.

Can I use it with Jupyter notebooks?

While TheoremJS doesn't have an official Jupyter kernel, it should work fine with the NodeJS kernel. It will also work fine in other "notebooks" such as RunKit.


Are you conviced? If yes, open a terminal and write down the code below.

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